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by - August 18, 2015

Afternoon folks, 
                             when hunting for a wedding photographer we know how tricky it can be, we both clocked up the hours looking for ours. 

Today we wanted to make it a little easier for you...not only are we about to introduce you to another fabulous supplier but in true style we have an exclusive offer for you too *details at the end of this post*

                ...Meet Nick Church Fine Art Photography

"Just like my fine art photography work, artistry is central to my approach with weddings and event photography.  A really important part of this process is having a chat over coffee or beer (I’m versatile like that), and getting to know what people want, and also what they do not. I have had couples love their photos, even when they said they hated having their photo being taken - that’s a measure of success as far as I’m concerned.
Also, as a relaxed and calming influence (even when my young children spray-painted the car – true story), I allow simple, fluid images and scenes to be captured as they unfold. Some of the most beautiful, emotional, funny and professionally publishable images will never come from a plan, they are the things that happen in real-time and I love being able to freeze these moments."

"I have designed my packages to be really accessible to quality-conscious couples that are on a budget.
- I provide all the processed digital images, so you can use them whenever you like afterwards including getting extra prints made.- I do not include expensive albums bound in unicorn-fur, I prefer a high quality, contemporary coffee table, hard-backed photo-book included in the cost.- I break down the typical wedding into separately priced segments which allows you to pick and choose which bits are most important.
 I think the quality photography should be within reach of everyone, even those weddings where we do not have a blank cheque. When on a budget it’s tempting to try low cost options such as budget photographers or even a friend that seems to have a nice camera, but if you want photos to compliment all the elements of the day that you have worked hard on, then I hope Nick Church Fine Art Photography is for you." 

Nick has kindly offered our readers an exclusive 30% off his standard
pricing for 2015 or 2016. This is amazing considering his pricing is already very competitive, 

All you need to do is mention us...
Practical Ever After and the 30% off is yours

*Images courtesy of Nick Church Fine Art Photography
** Let's be transparent: Currently there is no financial benefit for us for this feature post or the discount provided, should this change we'll update you here. **

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