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by - October 13, 2015

urban rustic chic diy upcycle


...these are the kind of words we love.

We love a little D.I.Y project and today we bring you home styling... welcome to my living room.
We sourced some reclaimed scaffolding planks (for free #bonus!). You can buy them new from DIY stores but  we wanted them with a few knocks and scuffs. It adds a bit of character right?!

Anyway, this has to be one of the easiest and effective DIY projects that we've tackled yet..if you're already handy with a drill, pencil and paintbrush you'll have no trouble.

I'm going to keep this really simple, so simple it's actually pointless (assuming you've put up a shelf before)


{measure} - measure the space you want to shelf to go then measure your plank of wood to size ALWAYS measure twice, I sometimes go 3 times for luck! If you want to be extra particular you can mark your cutting line with a pencil.

{cut} - using a wood saw, or jigsaw cut the plank to size, mind your fingers of course!

urban rustic chic diy upcycle
urban rustic chic diy upcycle

{stain}  - we applied 2 coats of Dark Oak wood stain  using a standard paint brush. You can build this stuff up so start with thin applications allowing drying time between coats.

{drill} - screw your shelf brackets to the board first, then using that pencil again mark out on the wall where you'll need you pilot holes. It's best to place a spirit level on the top side of the shelf whilst you do this, a wonky shelf just won't look good! When you're happy drill the holes, plug the holes and screw the shelf in place.

urban rustic chic | lifestyle upcycle
rustic diy upcycle | home styling

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