When to send out the Thank You's to your guests?

by - October 20, 2015

So, you have given your guests a favour as a token thanks for sharing the day, these haven't come cheap and unlikely free. You've personally thanked them for attending on the day and told them how wonderful it is to have them with you. Even you're online gift list list sent out an automatic thanks.

But when is the right time to sent out your 'official' thank you cards?

Well I had always considered it was when you received your professional wedding photos, you know when you had returned from that stunning 2 week honeymoon, when you'd sat down together as newly weds browsing photos reliving your wedding, chuckling about the cake falling over (this didn't actually happen to me!) - it should be an enjoyable time.

My thank you cards were rushed. I had some frosty responses from family members asking when we were going  to say thank you. It kind of niggled me, I wanted to do it right, wait for those beautiful pictures, put them together, hand write a personal note of thanks.

So my tip to you is give a call to the older generation or the more awkward in your family and just say thank you for your wonderful gift, explain to them that you want to send a few pictures their way but are of course at the mercy of the photographer.

We sent ours out inside 4 weeks!

As soon as we received our official photos I quickly put together a collage and headed to Boots instant print - good quality by the way. We wrote a personal message on the reverse to each guest and popped them in the post. I wish I hadn't felt hassled about it I may have put them on a postcard instead. Still....Job Done!

Have you considered when and how you'll send out your thank you's? 

What are your plans, do share them and don't forget we are always on the look out for great ideas to share - submit your stuff here

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